Defending everyone's most hated music

I'm talking about ska

I am a music journalist and ska fan based out of Northern California. I work as the music editor at the Good Times weekly newspaper in Santa Cruz, CA, where I slip in the occasional ska story when no one’s looking. I’ve also contributed to Playboy, Salon, Noisey, Sun Magazine, and Bandcamp Daily. In my ten years as a professional music journalist, I’ve watched every other style get respect, critical analysis and un-ironic nostalgia, but not ska. I have a book coming out in May 2021 on CLASH Books called In Defense of Ska. I wrote the book because I figured someone had to defend the world’s most hated genre. So why not me?

I will continue to discuss ska music here, but I will also use my skills as a decade long professional music journalist to explore other corners of music, challenge popular narratives and interview people that create interesting music under the radar.

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