Flat Planet memories with Adam Davis


Raise your hand if you’ve never been in a ska band.

I don’t see many hands up. That’s because most of us have been in a ska band at one point in our lives. And no matter how big (or small) that band was, it was really important. To you, at least.

My band, Flat Planet, went on three DIY tours, released 2 demo tapes, and recorded a full-length album that was never released. If you’re not from Gilroy, California, and you happened to have heard of us, then you likely heard our song “Mr. Goodbuddy” on the Misfits of Ska II compilation, or maybe you heard the couple of songs we contributed to the Bay Area Ska compilation.

Even though we never had a large fan base, the couple of years I played drums in Flat Planet, were some of the most important years of my life. I even met my wife on our second tour. I devoted a couple of chapters in my book “In Defense of Ska” strictly to telling Flat Planet stories. (It’s my book, I can do what I want!)

In this, the first episode of my In Defense of Ska podcast, I chat with fellow Gilroy musician and longtime friend Adam Davis about Flat Planet. He was in the band for only a short period, but he was a fan and a friend during our early years. After the band, he went on to play to larger audiences as the guitarist for Link 80.

In the coming weeks, Adam and I will interview people from the ska scene. But for this episode, we thought we’d start by just chatting, only the two of us, about Gilroy’s great one-and-only ska band, Flat Planet.

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