In Defense of Ska Ep. 19: Tim Cappello


Has there been an 80s movie more iconic than The Lost Boys? Has there ever been a scene as legendary as the Boardwalk scene, where an oiled-up, muscular sax man wails through The Call’s “I Still Believe”?

No, there has not.

The sax man in question, Tim Cappello has become a cult icon. Synthwave bands invite him to play on their tracks, and TV shows, like The Break with Michelle Wolf, invite him on to harken back to that classic scene. And he’s huge on the convention circuit. Everyone wants a signed Lost Boys photo. But Tim Cappello is so much more than all this—he’s a phenomenal musician with an amazing resume that includes Tina Turner, Carly Simon, and Peter Gabriel.

On this episode of In Defense of Ska, we spend some time getting to know the musician side of Tim Cappello. We of course begin the conversation by talking about ska and asking him technical saxophone questions. But then we hear all about Carly Simon’s intense stage fright, how Tina Turner bought him his first codpiece, how he landed an unlikely gig backing comedian Billy Crystal, and we learn about one of his bands that were so outrageous, they were banned from CBGB’s. We also get into his iconic Lost Boys scene. We learn how he got the role and all the details behind the recording of the scene. It’s an amazing conversation.

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