In Defense of Ska Ep 22: Elliot Babin of Touche Amore


Touche Amore drummer Elliot Babin wasn’t always a post-hardcore kid. In Fact, he spent many of his formative years on the Aquabats forum in the early 2000s. He’s even an official aquacadet. And for Elliot, t’s not just the Aquabats. He’s a big-time ska fan and he’s not afraid to shout it from the mountain tops, no matter what the rest of his music peers think of the genre.

Elliot joins us on this episode of In Defense of Ska to lay out—in full detail—his ska roots. We learned that the Aquabats forum played a major role in his life, and even led to him landing the gig as Touche Amore’s drummer. We also talk about his friendship with Joyce Manor’s Barry Johnson, his solo project Warm Thoughts (Formerly Dad Punchers) and we learn what ska band he plans to show his Touche Amore bandmates the next time they hit the road. It’s not going to be Aquabats this time around.

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