My Friend Keith Likes Ska: A conversation with Keith Lowell Jensen


I met comedian Keith Lowell Jensen shortly after I moved to Sacramento in 2013. We first got to know each other when I interviewed him for the local newspaper, Sacramento News and Review, but soon became friends. Before the pandemic, we were getting wieners on a regular basis. (It technically started as hot dogs for lunch, but soon wieners became synonymous with hanging out)

Of the many things we bonded over, a mutual love for ska was high on the list, especially when Keith learned I was writing a book about ska. He insisted that I include him in the book with a chapter called “My Friend Keith Likes Ska.” That didn’t happen, but here we are a few months before In Defense of Ska releases and “My Friend Keith Likes Ska” is now a reality—as a podcast episode.

Keith always hires a clown for his birthday parties

In this episode, Keith talks about local Sacramento band Filibuster (Who Keith attempted to manage for a minute), his love for Fishbone (He was at that crazy Warfield show at the beginning of Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone), and a slew of other topics. One highlight this week comes by way of co-host Adam Davis, who revealed that his childhood church had a “No Skaw dancing” policy at their dances. Scandalous!

Check out Keith’s latest special Not For Rehire on Amazon Prime and leave a review.

Also be sure to pick up his book Punching Nazis and Other Good Ideas.

Keith also has a podcast. Make sure you listen to the episode when he brings on In Defense of Ska author Aaron Carnes.

Follow Keith on Twitter. His next book, What I Was Arrested For will be available for pre-order soon. It’s getting released by Clash Books—my book publisher!

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